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"ZAF SAUNA" is a tuned sauna cushion for the "Zafu" used by Zen priests to make zazen.


By sitting on the ZAF, the pelvis stands up and you can see the S-shaped spine.

In addition, you can enjoy the sauna more effectively by stretching your hip joints by entering the sauna in a "zazen style" with your legs crossed.

It can also be used as a necklace for breaks and for meditation.


The material used is one that has a high heat resistant temperature and is easy to dry.

The surface fabric is antibacterial, deodorant, and non-formalin compatible material.

It can be washed completely and is easy to clean daily.


"ZAF SAUNA" supports your mindful sauna.


How to use "ZAF SAUNA"

  • Quality display

    ● Size W260 × D125 × H110mm
    ● Weight about 400g
    ● Material Fabric: 100% polyester
    Filling: 100% polypropylene pipe
    ● Country of origin Japan

  • About product

    ● When using on the skin, lay a towel on it.

    ● You can adjust the height by opening the zipper on the back and taking out the pipe.

    ● It can be used not only for sauna but also for daily meditation and meditation.

  • Handling precautions






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