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Our Philosophy

Since ancient times, Zen has taught people to be human, to be more careful, and to realize that they are living in the here and now.

By living in the here and now with our bodies and minds in order, we can be more like ourselves and fully utilize our abilities and experiences.

We believe that the more people practice zazen, meditation, and mindfulness, which have been scientifically proven to have an effect on the brain, and the more people face their own being, the better society will be created.


ZEN cushion

We offer products that support "toning" the body and mind, centering on the ZAF cushion for zazen and meditation, which is a redesign of the Zazen futon, a traditional Buddhist tool used by monks during zazen, to suit modern lifestyles.

We believe that Buddhist tools are the oldest method of expression in Japan to convey the difficult teachings of Buddhism to people by replacing them with "things.

The people who convey the teachings change with the times.
In order to convey the teachings of Buddhism and Zen in this day and age, I draw inspiration from a variety of objects on a daily basis.




The ZAF's unique firmness and lateral folds provide firm support for the pelvis, and the folds widen to form an angle that suits the sitter's pelvis.

By supporting the body with both knees on the ground and the buttocks at three points, it promotes a natural S-shaped spine and supports correct posture in zazen, meditation, and mindfulness.

This rational and ergonomic structure was developed by a Zen monk about 200 years ago, but the author is unknown.

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