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This is an introduction to zazen and mindfulness meditation that can be started in five minutes.

〇What to prepare
 A zazen futon (or a zabuton folded in two)
Loose-fitting clothes

 A quiet place with no noise
 Appropriate temperature, neither too hot nor too cold



Sit on the zazen futon with your posture straight, your back straight, and your pelvis upright.
Before zazen, do some light stretching to loosen up your body. 

(1) Sit with both legs crossed, with both knees on the ground.
(2) You can also sit with only one leg raised.



Place your left hand on top of your right hand in front of your lower abdomen to form an oval.
The position of the hand will change depending on how you cross your legs.
The position of the hands will change depending on how you cross your legs, so don't be too conscious about it.

Relax your shoulders and open your shoulders so that they are below your ears.
When the hip joints are stretched, the psoas muscles are stretched and the diaphragm is naturally lowered, making it easier to breathe.

Breathe slowly through your nose and feel the inhalation flowing from the tip of your nose to your entire body.







Once you have adjusted your posture, shake your body back and forth, left and right, to find a position where your posture is comfortable. Then, gradually reduce the amount of swaying and begin zazen.

During zazen, many thoughts come to mind.
This is also true for experienced meditators who have made meditation a habit.
Do not dwell on the things that come to mind during zazen, and do not try to eliminate them.
Be aware of your thoughts, and return your attention to the present moment, to the sensations in your body and your breathing.

You can sit for as long as you like. Monks practice zazen for about 40 minutes, but you can start with five minutes to suit your lifestyle.





When you finish zazen, do not stand up abruptly, but stand up slowly by shaking your body back and forth as in 5.
When you finish zazen, do not stand up suddenly.

​※If you are not feeling well, please refrain from taking it easy.
※The method introduced here is just one example, and the way of zazen varies according to each sect.

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