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Here are some tips on how to properly use the "ZAF SAUNA" zazen cushion for sauna.

①​Basic structure of "ZAF SAUNA"


The folds expand with the person's weight and deform to help support the pelvis.


With a loop for carrying and drying.


The zipper on the back can be opened to replenish the pipe and You can open the zipper at the back and take out the pipe for refilling or height adjustment.



②​「How to use "ZAF SAUNA"

◤Zazen Style【Recommended】 
This is the most effective way to use "ZAF SAUNA".

1.Lay out your towel on the "ZAF SAUNA".

2.Sit in "ZAF SAUNA" with both knees in zazen.
 Here are two typical ways to sit.

 A."HANKAFUZA"(Traditional Sitting)
  Sitting with one leg crossed. Place the right leg deep
  under the left groin and the left leg deep over the right groin.
  You can cross your legs whichever leg is easier to cross.

 B."KEKKAFUZA"(Traditional and easy sitting)
  This is a sitting posture in which both legs are crossed.
​  Place the right foot deeply over the left crotch, then the left foot over the right crotch.

No matter how you sit, it is important to support your upper body with the three points of your knees and hips.
The flexibility of the hip joint varies from person to person, so it is best to sit in a way that is comfortable for you.

3.Open your chest slightly so that your shoulders are below your ears, and relax your shoulders.

4.Open your chest slightly so that your shoulders are below your ears, and relax your shoulders.

5.Straighten your back, tuck your chin, and raise your pelvis to improve your posture.


③How to use ZAF SAUNA in your own way

ZAF SAUNA is designed to be lightweight and portable for use in bathing facilities and outdoor activities.

It is made of heat-resistant material with antibacterial and odor-resistant finishes.
It can be used for various purposes inside and outside the sauna room.

・As a backrest for hot walls in sauna rooms
・Portable pillow and neck rest
・Yoga and stretching aid
・For meditation when traveling.

We invite you to discover your own unique way of using it.

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