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ZAF MASTER Silver Gray

ZAF MASTER Silver Gray

"ZAF MASTER" made by the same traditional method as "Zazen Futon" used by Zen priests to make zazen.

By hand-packing all the natural material "Panya", it has a unique hardness suitable for zazen.

The fabric is a suede-like fabric that is not slippery, so you can concentrate more on zazen.


Note) The MASTER series is integrated by the traditional manufacturing method, not a cover type.

If you want a cover type, we recommend ENTRY + COVER.

  • Quality display

    ● Approximately φ300 mm H150 mm
    ● Weight about 720g
    ● Material Fabric: 60% nylon 40% urethane
    Filling: 100% plant fiber (panya)
    ● Country of origin Japan

  • About product

    ● After use, it will last a long time if you give it a shape.

    ● After purchase, the odor is slightly peculiar to Panya, but it will be gradually reduced if it is placed in a well-ventilated place.

    ● There are unsewn parts on the side due to the traditional manufacturing method.

  • Handling precautions

    ● Please keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight for a long time.

    ● Please refrain from taking out the batting.

    ● Please note that the color may transfer to clothes due to friction.

    ● Cannot be washed. If you are concerned about dirt, use a commercially available fabric cleaner.


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